COPYWRITING – $100 / page

The goal is for your website to remain relevant within the given keywords. Optimizing each page of your website with SEO-friendly content will help increase your search rankings and relay key information to your target demographic.

Before Copywriting can commence, it’s important to analyze the keywords that epitomize what your website is all about. Once the initial text has been created for your website, you can begin to look into Article Marketing and other ways to spread the word digitally.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or simply want better results for your pre-existing website, I offer freelance copywriting services that cater to the keywords you need.

The typical questions I get asked are :
* How can people find my website online?
* Why am I not ranking on Google?
* What do people type in to find my website?

Articles that appear on other websites are presented to viewers around the globe.  Better search results on Google are predicated on these articles pointing at your website. This tells Google that others think your website is an authority on the term you want to be found under.  The process takes many months (ie. aging) before results begin to be noticed, but for the long-term, articles help your website move up in search rankings and get noticed by more potential customers, which will have an impact on your bottom line.

KEYWORD RESEARCH – $100 / report
Knowing how customers, clients or random people find your website is important towards future growth and an expanded digital presence.  My goal when putting together a Keyword Research Report is to find niches that can generate a Page 1 listing for your website. Articles and Social Media Promoting never hurt, but before you can begin any of those endeavors, you need to know which terms are being searched monthly and what terms will best serve your audience.  Being seen as an authority for your search term can be the difference between brisk mailorder inquiries and nobody caring.  This report gives you ideas on a handful of ways to position your website and can be useful information, when planning your digital strategy.

ARTICLE MARKETING – $150 / article
Articles typically range from 500 to 1,000 words and are featured on high traffic article directories, social media and any other meaningful avenues found online. Google search rankings are determined by numerous factors and a better result is not achieved by simply hitting the submit button.  Results do not start to materialize for 60-90 days, once the article has been published. The longer an article appears online, the more it “ages” (like wine). This aging brings more credibility to the topic and value to a Google search. Depending on the topic, an article can be created in a few days or a few weeks.