Dizzy Gillespie

I don’t profess to be the most knowledgable jazzhead, especially when it comes to the magnitude of Dizzy Gillespie, but I wanted to put together an article that highlighted this jazz pioneer, as well as a few suggestions on music to check out.

I write articles on a plethora of subjects, mainly because I can’t narrow down my tastes to just a few things. I like a wide variety of things that happen in the world and enjoy sharing my thoughts and information with anyone that wants to read along.

Copywriting is a natural progression for me because of my passion and love for so many unique things.

Article : Dizzy Gillespie Is Still A Giant

Those huge cheeks may make him seem like a clown, but what Dizzy Gillespie brought to the jazz world was never a joke.

Dizzy’s trademark upright trumpet led to a new style of improvisation and together with Charlie Parker, he ushered in the “Bebop Jazz” revolution.

He was always a crowd favorite at Jazz Festivals because of his crazy stage antics, which earned him the nickname “Dizzy.”

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