Music Reviews 101

The landscape has drastically changed from when I formed Yawn Records in 1996 to today. We’ve evolved from analytical to digital and this has caused any musician to rethink how they spread the word about their latest project.

This article might be a bit dated, but I feel that there is some sort of nutritional value that can be applied to the way an artist markets and promotes their music.
Article : Music Reviews Basics

In 1996, my friend and I got the bright idea to start a record label. We were both passionate about music and were really committed to a local band called, Jify Trip.

I had a 2-year run as a College Marketing Rep for Interscope Records and was eager to incorporate some of the strategies I had learned into what we were doing.

Collectively, we all thought that if we got the music out, people would buy it and come to our shows. Young and naiive, we started chasing the dream at the time – getting Jify Trip signed to a bigger label.

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Dizzy Gillespie

I don’t profess to be the most knowledgable jazzhead, especially when it comes to the magnitude of Dizzy Gillespie, but I wanted to put together an article that highlighted this jazz pioneer, as well as a few suggestions on music to check out.

I write articles on a plethora of subjects, mainly because I can’t narrow down my tastes to just a few things. I like a wide variety of things that happen in the world and enjoy sharing my thoughts and information with anyone that wants to read along.

Copywriting is a natural progression for me because of my passion and love for so many unique things.

Article : Dizzy Gillespie Is Still A Giant

Those huge cheeks may make him seem like a clown, but what Dizzy Gillespie brought to the jazz world was never a joke.

Dizzy’s trademark upright trumpet led to a new style of improvisation and together with Charlie Parker, he ushered in the “Bebop Jazz” revolution.

He was always a crowd favorite at Jazz Festivals because of his crazy stage antics, which earned him the nickname “Dizzy.”

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